“What I love about working at Perkins is the caring and supportive staff.” Angela Houston, LCMHC

“What I love most about working at Perkins is the clinical diversity and experience of the clinicians; and the flexibility and support management and the admin staff provide! I truly feel cared for, which allows me to pour even more into caring for my clients!” Stacey Dyjewski, MA, LPC, LCMHC, Director of Clinical Development

“Working at Perkins is great! The environment is beautiful and comfortable but the people are what makes it outstanding. I love working with such a caring team!” Dr.Robin Exum-Calhoun, PsyD

“Perkins CPS provides a welcoming atmosphere to allow employees to feel comfortable and supported throughout their career here. This company has many different benefits including flexibility, a strong supportive team, and opportunities to grow. I have received consistent individual and group support throughout my time at Perkins CPS which has helped me develop personally and professionally. I truly cherish my time with this company and take pride in the work I do here.” Drew Klobuchar, LCSW

“Perkins Counseling is one of the most friendly and welcoming places that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. The level of professional collaboration that I see on a daily basis between staff members here, both clinical and administrative, is truly wonderful. The people here always strive to build each other up and support each others’ long-term career goals so that we can grow as professionals in order to provide our patients with the best possible care.” Paul Spencer, Insurance Specialist

“When I started at Perkins it was during a challenging life transition. Dr. Pam hired me with full understanding and support of my needs. The staff was compassionate and stepped up to support me when I needed a leave of absence. Due to the professionalism and patience of Perkins CPS, I had no worries about the care of my clients or about the security of my job. It is a place I am confident that I can now grow professionally and feel empowered to pursue my special interests. ” Chasity Scoggins, LCMCHA