Joanna deSupinski is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She obtained her B.A. in psychology at Wells College, a small liberal arts school in New York. She completed her graduate degree in California attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles finishing with her internship in Nebraska.

While Dr. deSupinski has had a range of clinical experiences with both adult and child populations her area of clinical focus is in aging and phase of life transitions. She has experience providing both individual and group services for non-pharmacological pain management and caregiver support. Providing both therapy and assessment services, Dr. deSupinski emphasizes that the client is the expert in his/her/hir own experience, and the therapist is a guide that assists the client in mapping out and reaching his/her/hir goals. Incorporating stress reduction and mindfulness informed techniques with a humanistic/existential approach, Dr. deSupinski believes that everyone is deserving of a supportive and nonjudgmental space to flourish and seek mental and emotional wellness.

She enjoys nature walks and hiking, reading, watching independent films, and enjoying time with family and friends.

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