Perkins Counseling & Psychological Services, PLLC is a comprehensive group practice in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

We have a team of professional, highly qualified, specialized clinicians offering therapy and assessment services across the lifespan – from preschoolers to older adults.

Areinia Adams, MS, LMFT

Dorie Allen, LPA

Dr. Cierra Barker, PhD

Dr. Robin Exum-Calhoun, PsyD

Nathan Webber, LPC

Erin Terry, LPC

Selena Waite, MA/CAS, LPC, LPA, HSP-PA

Dr. Melissa Jackson, Psy.D

Dr. Donna Chandler-Kornegay, LPCS, NCC

Rick McKoy, LPCA

Dr. Pamela Perkins, PsyD

Sandy Sala, LPC, NCC

Dr. Susannah Scearce, PhD

Dr. Joanna Schechner, PsyD

Dr. Miriam Selph, PsyD

Linda Horn, MA, LPCS, MHSP, NCC

Niome Krauskopf, LCSW