Life and the Unexpected

I’ve been writing a lot about working too much, self care, prioritizing life so the important things don’t get lost in the urgent tasks of life…

In the last two days I have been considering the fragility of life. Actual human life, and life as we know it to be on a daily, routine basis. By now, I suspect all of us have heard about the terrible events that occurred early Sunday morning in a night club in Orlando. As I looked through the list of those who were killed, I was crushed and saddened at how young most of the victims were. As young people, we don’t even consider our mortality; we have our whole long life ahead of us. Not one of those young people left home Saturday night with the realization that it would be their last night on earth. In a matter of minutes their lives were lost and everyone who knew them and loved them were also forever changed. There was no warning. No preparation to settle affairs or say goodbye to loved ones. Those who were injured and survived will also never be the same.

My husband, Rich, and I have been in Chicago visiting family. We have had a lovely time meeting our new granddaughter, celebrating our grandson’s 3rd birthday, and spending time with our kids and grand kids. This morning we were getting ready to have breakfast with Rich’s son and family before heading off to the airport. Before we could leave, Rich became sick and was exhibiting symptoms of a possible stroke. We rushed him off to the nearby hospital where they checked him out did several tests to determine what the problem could be. He was admitted for observation and is spending the night in the hospital. Everything seems to be fine, but they are being cautious. Here too, we were going about our lives and then out of the blue – a health crisis.

When might you get a phone call, or hear news of some unexpected tragedy that will forever change your life? You have no idea, which is exactly my point. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. I am not writing about this in order to cause anxiety or create a life/attitude of fear. It is a call to live life with no regrets.

Is there someone who you keep meaning to call or write, but don’t have the time? Do you have a family member you are estranged from but are too stubborn to make the first contact to reconcile? Is there a hobby, sport, skill you have been meaning to learn and participate in but can’t seem to find the time? Is there a place you’ve been saying you are going to visit but it never seems to work out? There is always tomorrow, right? Well… maybe not…

Live your life as if it may be your last day on earth. Go after the things you have been wanting to do – for your business, your family, your self. Live so that if you are blessed to have a long and happy life you won’t think about all the things you were going to do but never found the time to do… live your life forward – No regrets!

Warm regards,

Dr. Pam