Dr. Nancy Nealious, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has over 10 years experience serving individuals across the life span in social service organizations, community mental health, and college settings. Dr. Nealious received her doctoral degree at Wheaton College (IL) and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Baylor University as a Trauma Recovery Specialist. Dr. Nealious is currently a student at Duke Divinity School seeking a Masters of Divinity degree.

Dr. Nealious has several areas of clinical interest and expertise, including complex trauma/abuse; relational conflicts; personal identity development (racial/ethnic, sexual, and spiritual identities), and acculturation issues. She is passionate about training and educating organizations and communities on issues related to culture, diversity/inclusion, trauma, and mental health management, especially among minority communities. Because she believes in the importance of honoring everyone’s voice in the healing process, she employs a collaborative approach to promote wellness with the people she serves.

For Dr. Nealious, she believes “therapy is a sacred space. It is a space where clients allow me to see them and welcome me into their broken and weak moments, as well as allow me to recognize their strengths and celebrate their triumphs. I believe that every person desires to be known and to know themselves. Deep healing begins when a person can drop the façade of who they think they should be and is able to be seen—to be known for whom they are. It is an honor to walk alongside people in their journey toward wholeness.”
Dr. Nealious delights in laughter and values finding ways to have fun in the midst of everyday life. She also enjoys traveling, connecting with family and friends, and engaging in various artistic activities.

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